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Understanding car accidents in the tri-county area

You may wonder how many car accidents occur in Michigan’s tri-county area each year and how often irresponsible driving was the cause of the crash. The 2016 collision statistics demonstrate that while a driver’s action did not often result in a collision, a high number of accidents occurred. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, know that understanding the accidents which occur in your area can help identify situations which may be hazardous.

According to the Michigan State Police, there was no dangerous action performed by a driver in 273,498 incidents, out of 538,471 total accidents. Hazardous behavior played a part in some crashes, however. Failing to yield resulted in 46,694 collisions, while 77,280 were caused because drivers were unable to stop in time. While you may think that failing to use turn signals would result in a high number of accidents, only 541 collisions were caused by this. Speeding drivers caused 32,052 accidents in 2016.

An unfocused driver and the dangers of cognitive distraction

A distracted driver is always a dangerous driver. While many people think of cell phones and texting when they think of distracted driving, in reality, many different behaviors could distract a driver and increase the chance of an accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are three main categories for distraction. A Michigan driver who is engaging in any of these behaviors could endanger everyone around, even with both hands on the wheel. In many cases, victims of distracted driving have the right to seek compensation from the liable party for any damages suffered in an accident.

Understanding disability benefits for migraines

When you suffer from severe migraines in Michigan, you may feel that your only option is to take medication and push through the pain. However, migraines may sometimes be so intense that you are able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, understand that sometimes it is difficult to know if you qualify for these benefits or not.

While you may think that any kind of severe headache would qualify for SSD benefits, this is not the case. says that chronic cluster headaches, hormone headaches and migraines are among the types which may be covered under SSD. There are many ways that the Social Security Administration decides if you are eligible for disability benefits. If your migraines are so severe that you cannot fulfill your usual work tasks or are unable to work at all, you may qualify.

Understanding the injuries in common workers’ compensation claims

When you consider the injuries behind workers’ compensation claims in Michigan, you likely think of serious wounds which might keep you out of your workplace for long periods of time. However, the incidents which prompt the filing of a claim are simpler than you may have thought. We at Adler Stillman, PLLC, understand that workers’ compensation can cover a wide range of injuries.

The injuries which prompt workers to file a compensation claim can differ among industries. According to Insurance Journal, people who work in retail and construction are most likely to file a claim after falling, while people in the manufacturing industry experience more eye wounds. Regardless of industry, however, there are five injuries which make up the majority of workers’ compensation claims. Sprains and strains account for 30 percent of all filed claims. Fractures, contusions and cuts are also among these primary wounds.

Appealing a denial of Social Security Disability benefits

Did you know that the government denies at least 80 percent of all applications for Social Security Disability benefits? That means that the odds of the Social Security Administration approving your claim the first time you submit an application don't look good.

Therefore, if you received a letter denying your request for benefits, you aren't alone. Fortunately, the SSA allows you to appeal its decision in writing. However, you only have 60 days from the date you received the denial letter to submit an appeal.

The federal requirements for Social Security disability benefits

People in Michigan who believe they may qualify for Social Security disability payments need to have a realistic sense of the type of aid that may be available to them. The US Social Security Administration provides several types of disability benefits to eligible applicants. Each type of benefit requires different criteria to be met for eligibility.

The benefits include general disability benefits, disability benefits for a disabled surviving spouse of a deceased worker, and disability benefits for a disabled divorced spouse of a deceased worker. In the first case, the worker receives the benefits directly as a result of his or her eligibility. In the second and third, a surviving widowed spouse or divorced spouse who has a disability can claim benefits based both on a personal disability and the Social Security credits of the worker to whom he or she was married.

How can workers try to prevent ladder falls?

Construction accidents take a myriad of forms, whether they involve equipment malfunctions or electrical shock. However, ladders can be especially dangerous for construction workers in Detroit, and all over the state of Michigan. If you have sustained an injury after falling off of a ladder at work, it is important to stand up for your rights as an employee. Moreover, you should try to take steps to prevent this type of accident if your job requires you to work on ladders.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration covers various ways that construction workers can try to avoid falling off of a ladder. For example, workers should make sure that ladders do not have any slippery materials or defects. Workers should use the appropriate ladder for the job and avoid standing on the top step. Ladders should be secure and workers should make sure that the weight limit is never exceeded. Furthermore, workers should only use ladders that have been set up with an appropriate angle and are not dangerously close to electrical hazards and power lines.

Do I have a rightful claim to damages after a car accident?

A car accident can affect your life in many ways, and even a minor collision can result in expenses that continue to add up. It is particularly frustrating when you are suffering because of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, but you do not have to walk through the aftermath of an accident alone.

If your accident was not your fault, you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation. It is not always easy to identify liable parties and figure out if you have a rightful claim, but an experienced Michigan personal injury attorney can help. Your legal ally can also help you understand the specific type and amount of damages to which you have a rightful claim.

What risks do nurses and other caregivers encounter?

 From construction site injuries to mishaps that occur in work zones, people are familiar with many of the risks that workers face. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the health care industry can be particularly hazardous. Each day in Detroit, nurses and other types of caregivers face a wide variety of risks in the workplace. If you are employed in this line of work, it is critical to address an illness or injury appropriately and take steps to prevent these hazards from arising in the first place, when possible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a wide variety of workplace hazards that nurses and other people employed in the health care industry face. In fact, people who work in these occupations have one of the highest non-fatal on-the-job illness and injury rates in comparison to all other industries. Not only do health care workers have to watch out for toxic chemicals, infectious diseases and dangerous drugs, but they may also be hurt due to sharp items or even violence. Many other dangers are also present, such as chronic stress and repetitive strain injuries.

How workplace culture affects safety

Regardless of the industry or environment, every workplace in Michigan has an internal culture. According to Occupational Health & Safety, this does not necessarily come directly from administration, but it does come from the way employees perceive the values of the company. Since these are often a direct result of the policies and procedures, though, management has a strong responsibility to create an environment that encourages safety.

Employees have noted that they receive much of their motivation for safety directly from their supervisors. An organization is more likely to report fewer workplace accidents if managers are willing to compromise productivity when it means paying close attention to safe practices. Employees who receive training in these and who see their supervisor display an interest in their individual safety also have a lower risk of an injury.

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