Macomb County Work Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a work-related accident, you have options that should pay your medical bills and provide you with money while you are unable to work. Workers' compensation is one option regardless of whether or not you were at fault causing your own injuries. Social Security benefits may also be an option depending on your circumstances.

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A Work Injury Attorney Serving Victims Throughout Macomb County

Speak to an experienced lawyer about your options. Obtaining workers' compensation benefits can be complicated and difficult without an attorney. The insurance company may say your injury is not work-related, or not disabling. Some workers are even subject to adverse employment actions by their employer as retaliation for filing a work comp claim. This is illegal and with the help of a lawyer at our Michigan law firm, it can be prevented.

Seeking All Forms of Recovery for Your Injuries in Michigan

Workers' compensation is a system that was put in place to reduce litigation and over-burdened court dockets. It prohibits lawsuits against your employer, but should allow you to obtain compensation promptly and easily. A third party lawsuit is completely different. If someone other than your employer contributed to the accident and your injuries, you have a right to sue them and you are not limited to the moderate amount of compensation allowed under workers' compensation.

Attorney Barry Adler, practicing since 1979, founded our law firm in 1986, and our mission ever since has been to take decisive action that brings fair and just financial compensation to workers and their families. Steven Stilman has been practicing law in Michigan since 1993.

While other law firms may handle only claim denials, we offer guidance when you file a workers' compensation claim and while you are being paid benefits. Contact us online or call (248) 855-5090 (toll free ) to speak with a Detroit and Warren area injured worker attorney about your work accident.