Macomb Workers' Compensation Claim Attorney

If you are injured at work you must notify your supervisor immediately. This may be in the form of verbally informing your boss. Notification may also automatically occur if he or she personally witnessed the accident. Likewise, if emergency vehicles arrive at the workplace, the employer may be assumed to know about your injuries.

If you have questions regarding your work place injuries, do not hesitate to contact our Michigan law firm. It does not matter if you are at fault for your own injury. You should receive medical benefits, lost wages and rehabilitation benefits. Wage benefits are up to 80 percent of your normal after-tax wages. Payments should continue as long as they are necessary.

Employers and their insurance companies do not like work comp claims, and may go to any extent to avoid paying you. They are familiar with the law and are prepared in advance to resist your claim. Be sure to have an aggressive team in your corner to fight for you.

Guidance From a Macomb Workers' Compensation Claim Lawyer

There are often disputes over whether injuries were actually work-related and whether you are in fact disabled and unable to work. Whether certain medical or therapeutic treatments are "medically necessary" can also be a point of dispute. A Michigan attorney at Adler Stilman can fight for you to get the full benefits you deserve.

How Do I Obtain Compensation From Individuals Who Caused My Injuries?

Workers' compensation is a system that was put in place to reduce litigation and create a quid pro quo with employers and employees. It prohibits lawsuits against your employer, but should allow you to obtain compensation promptly and easily.

If someone other than your employer contributed to your accident and your injuries, however, you have a right to sue them. We will work side by side with you in order to help you obtain the money you need for medical bills, lost wages and all other losses you may have incurred due to your work injury.

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