Michigan Workers' Compensation Laws

Detroit Compensation Lawyer for Injured Workers

No one anticipates being seriously hurt at work. Even people in high-risk occupations are often unsure of their rights after a lifting injury, fall, on-the-job vehicle accident — or the onset of a disabling condition such as chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

At Adler Stilman, PLLC, we have helped thousands of people throughout southeast Michigan navigate the workers' compensation claim process and get benefits. Unlike lawyers who may only offer representation if your claim is disputed, we welcome your call at any time.

Practical Guidance to Protect Your Rights

The steps you take soon after an injury can be very important. You should notify your employer as promptly as you can and see your own doctor. The company may require you to treat with their clinic for the first 10 days of medical care, but not after that. Keeping copies of all documents relating to your medical condition and claim may also prove critical.

A valid workers' compensation claim entitles you to prompt payment of a substantial percentage of your lost wages. Under Michigan workers' compensation laws, you are entitled to unlimited medical care with doctors you choose and vocational retraining and education necessary for you to perform another type of work.

Unsure of the Status of Your Claim? Have Benefit Checks Stopped Coming?

At any point, you could run into a problem with your benefits. If checks never come, are delayed without cause, stop coming, or are not as much as you think they should be, you need a lawyer to intervene. If you run into any type of claim dispute or denial, you definitely need a lawyer, because:

  • The workers' compensation insurer will have its own skilled attorneys.
  • The process of applying for and preparing for a hearing to resolve the dispute will be complex, and the burden of providing medical evidence will be challenging.
  • If your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and avoid a hearing, you may receive money you need much sooner — avoiding a wait of many months or even years due to the large backlog of workers' compensation cases already in the system.

No-Risk Legal Counsel, Always Available to You

The best news about this challenging situation is that you can essentially hire a lawyer for free. You can contact us with confidence today. We will talk with you patiently, evaluate your case and look at every angle in the effort to help you get benefits you need.