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Hematological disorders and disability benefits

You know that when your child has a hematological disorder, your life can quickly become complicated. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, understand that this disorder can affect your child's life in profound ways and that it is important for you to know when your child can receive Social Security disability.

There are certain requirements your child's hematological disorder must meet in order to qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration says that you usually need to submit test results that demonstrate your child has a disorder. You may not always be able to show test results to the SSA and in these circumstances, you typically need a statement from your doctor that explains how your child was diagnosed. 

What rehabilitation can I expect after a work accident?

An accident at work can have many adverse effects on your life. In addition to the physical pain that could keep you from working, you may find that your recovery has led to a significant financial strain for your Michigan family. The stress of your workplace accident may only increase with the knowledge that you may not actually be able to return to the same job as you had before.

Fortunately, you may qualify for various types of support through your employer's workers' compensation benefits. In addition to the replacement of your lost wages and medical care, you could also be eligible for rehabilitation benefits. The specific benefits to which you are entitled depend largely on the nature of your case and your individual needs.

Toxic exposure and Michigan law

With the Flint, Michigan, water situation so prominently in the news, the question of what qualifies as toxic exposure is on many minds. The Detroit Free Press reports that over 6 million Michigan residents drink or otherwise use water that may be contaminated with either unregulated substances or quantities of chemicals and materials that fall within regulated levels, including trihalomethanes and the heavy metal hexavalent chromium. This chemical was involved in one of the largest toxic tort cases in U.S. history, in the famous suit pitting Erin Brockovich vs. PG&E on behalf of the town of Hinkley.

A toxic substance is any substance that poses a significant and lasting health hazard on exposure, or "toxic exposure." In the case of toxic exposure in the workplace, the Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to provide employees with a safe environment that ensures adherence to occupational health and safety standards while minimizing exposure to toxic substances that might cause mental or physical impairment. Employers must also ensure appropriate access to medical tests capable of determining adverse effects from exposure to toxic substances and health hazards. Employers are also required to advise employees of exposure to potential toxic substances in the work environment, and maintain accessible records of past exposures.

Obesity and SSDI requirements

Although you may think that obesity is not a disability, it is sometimes viewed as one by the Social Security Administration. There are certain requirements a case of obesity usually needs to meet to qualify for disability benefits. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, know it is important for you to understand these requirements.

The Social Security Administration says that when you apply for disability benefits because of your obesity, you typically need an official diagnosis from your doctor. Your weight will usually be considered over a period of time so the SSA can determine if you have a history of obesity. If you have not been officially diagnosed, you can typically still apply for disability benefits. In these circumstances, the SSA generally uses current medical knowledge to determine whether your body mass index and weight indicate obesity.

Workers' compensation for domestic employees

When Michigan residents think about workers' compensation, they may not initially consider their domestic employees. However, employers usually need to have workers' compensation insurance so that it is available to domestic workers if they are injured.

According to the Washington Post, housekeepers, gardeners and nannies are all considered domestic employees. Other kinds of workers also fall under this category. A home health nurse who regularly comes to someone's home and has a contract with the homeowner can also be considered a domestic worker. Workers' compensation insurance is important to have because people are usually considered liable for any wounds their domestic workers sustain. Sometimes a homeowner's insurance policy does not cover these employees, making it important that people understand the workers' compensation requirements for domestic employees in Michigan.

How to lift heavy loads at work

As part of their job in Michigan, people may lift heavy loads. There are incorrect ways to lift things, though, and it is important to understand proper lifting techniques to prevent accidents at work.

Although lifting something may not seem dangerous, this action contributes to a significant number of injuries. Occupational Health and Safety magazine says that 36.6 percent of injuries which resulted in a person taking time away from work in 2012 occurred because someone overexerted their body. Many of these injuries were to a person's back, and wounds to this part of the body were more common than those to knees and shoulders.

You may be the best safety feature you have

There is no doubt that you do your work well. In fact, you know your job so well, you can probably do it with your eyes closed. There may even be times when you go through the motions of an assignment, and your mind may wander because the steps are so routine. Perhaps you have reached a point where the work is even a little boring, and you just want to get it over with.

These may be the times when you are most vulnerable to an accident. At the same time, if you have a co-worker who is not putting his or her full attention to a task, not only is your teammate at risk, but you may also be in danger. Studies show that most workplace injuries happen because of some error on the part of the victim.

Documentation for Social Security Disability

When Michigan residents apply for Social Security Disability, they do not always think about the documentation needed to receive these benefits. While some people may find it easy to provide these documents, other people may have more difficulty with this part of the application.

There are several documents people may need to provide when they apply for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration says that it is important to proceed with the application process even if some documentation is missing. This is because people may not have access to all the benefits available to them if they wait. The SSA typically suggests that people send in their current documentation and send other documents when they are available. People usually need to submit their birth certificate and Social Security card. Military service papers may also be necessary if the applicant served in the military.

Why do cars crash into buildings?

When you think about distracted driving in Michigan, you may initially think of a driver who rear-ends another vehicle because of texting. However, distracted driving can also cause you to maneuver your car into a building.

While colliding with a building may seem like a rare occurrence, Risk Management magazine says that it is estimated that these collisions take place 60 times each day. One of the main causes of these accidents is distracted driving. Many drivers can easily be distracted by their GPS or cellphone. However, young drivers are more likely to crash into a building than older, more experienced motorists, especially when these young drivers have less than five years of experience behind the wheel. This is because their lack of experience is combined with a greater likelihood of being distracted by cellphones and other technological devices.

When joint disease is eligible for disability benefits

If you have joint pain in Michigan, you may think that this automatically allows you to qualify for benefits through SSDI. This is usually not the case, though, and we at Adler Stilman, PLLC, know that it is beneficial for you to understand when your joint pain can qualify for disability benefits.

Joint pain is typically not enough to receive SSDI benefits. You usually must demonstrate that your joint pain is a disability which has interfered in your daily life. Sometimes you may need to show that your fine motor skills have been affected by joint pain or that you have encountered difficulties walking. While the Social Security Administration does not list specific causes of joint pain, it does offer indications about the severity of your symptoms. Your joint pain generally needs to be accompanied by stiffness, limited motion or deformity. You are usually more likely to qualify for SSDI if your condition meets the requirements of the SSA.

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