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Potential benefits workers receive after a workplace injury

When workers in Michigan become injured on the job, they may worry about how they will care for themselves and their family. This is not limited to workers with blue collar jobs either. Even corporate workers may become ill from chemicals used in the workplace or in a lab. They may also become injured after a slip-and-fall accident.

According to Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, compensation depends on the length of time it takes to recover from the injury. If a worker returns to work in less than a week, they may receive no compensation for their injuries. If the injury lasts for more than a week, then benefits typically begin on the eighth day. Benefits may continue for the rest of the disability and may last for the person’s lifetime. However, employers may reduce benefits after a person turns 65 years old.

How does Social Security evaluate skin disorders?

Social Security offers disability benefits for a wide range of disorders and disabilities, including people who suffer from skin disorders. Maladies of the skin can be painful and hamper a person’s ability to work in Michigan, which is why the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides disability benefits for these conditions. If you have a need for disability, you must be ready to supply the right documentation and evidence of your condition.

According to the SSA website, the Social Security Administration requires certain information about your skin disorder. This information will consist of a number of details, such as when your skin disorder first manifested, the duration of the condition, how many times your disorder flares up, and the prognosis of the disorder. If you have skin lesions, you need to supply information on their size, location and how they appear.

Things you may not know about the disability claims process

When a medical condition prevents a person from working, it can lead to various financial complications that can affect the entire Michigan family. If you find yourself in this position, you may know that you can seek financial support in the form of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Even with a valid claim and a legitimate disabling condition, it can be remarkably complicated to navigate the claims process. 

Before you initiate this process, you may want to take the time to learn more about what to expect. Many initial claims come back denied, and it's smart to know what you need to complete the application and how you can minimize the potential for complications. It may also help you to have experienced guidance before you even take the first step in your efforts to secure disability benefits.

New plans in place to expand Social Security

Many people with disabilities in Michigan rely on Social Security benefits to make ends meet. Without these benefits, they would not be able to clothe and feed themselves, or pay for medical care. Some people may even rely on these benefits to take care of dependents for whom they are responsible. Unfortunately, the Social Security fund is running out.

According to CNN, if the Social Security Administration does not reduce benefits by 21% the money could all be gone by 2034. When this happens, the fund may continue to receive income from taxes paid by working Americans. Still, the SSA would only be able to pay 79% of benefits to the disabled and retirees. Another concern is that those working and funding the benefits during this time may not have access to the funds by the time they retire or if they become disabled.

Getting workers comp for hearing loss at the workplace

Not every worker in Michigan has the luxury of a corporate office job. Some people work in areas where loud noises are just a regular day at work. These job sites include manufacturing plants, processing plants, construction sites, mining, logging and even military training and deployment.

According to FindLaw, long-term exposure to hazardous sound levels may lead to hearing impairment or hearing loss. Estimates put 30 million people at work sites that regularly face these dangerous noise levels. For some, hearing loss is a physically painful experience, not to mention the psychological effects. There may be constant ringing in the ears or constant pain in response to certain pitches of sound.

How can spinal cord injuries manifest after a crash?

The life altering effects of a spinal cord injury can be easily apparent after a car accident. Some Michigan car crash victims are paralyzed to varying degrees and spend the rest of their lives physically disabled. However, not all spinal cord damage shows itself immediately and not all symptoms are paralytic in nature. There are many different symptoms that many manifest some time after an automobile accident.

The Mayo Clinic describes how a person’s body functions can be disrupted following a spinal cord injury. People may experience problems sensing warmth or cold through touch, or perhaps fully lose the ability to experience sensations in their limbs. Injury victims may also have problems with bowel control or being intimate with a partner. It is also possible that spinal cord damage can inhibit someone from becoming pregnant or impregnating a person.

Dangers as a construction worker

Summertime in Michigan also means construction time. From road repair to new buildings, there is a lot of work for those in the industry, and this means more accidents. Both employers and employees should be aware of the common dangers and make sure there are proper training and safety precautions. 

According to Safety and Health Magazine, one of the issues is that when demand for jobs increases, there are more inexperienced and new employees who do not fully understand all the safety issues. To help combat this, there has been more of a shift to identify the most common risks and train and retrain employees about them. Focus is mainly on the four hazards that kill two-thirds of construction workers. These include falls, struck-by, electrocution and caught-in or caught-between situations. 

Staying safe when working in the heat of summer

For a few months of the year, the weather in Michigan heats up, and it can be quite uncomfortable for the men and women who have to work outdoors. During the summer months, outdoor workers face exposure to various types of safety risks and health concerns. Sun exposure and heat-related illnesses are serious, and employers should do everything possible to help workers stay safe.

One of the threats you may face to your physical well-being is the risk of overexposure to the sun. Over time, this can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. If you have to work outdoors as part of your job requirements, you will want to find out more about the risks of exposure and steps you can take to stay as safe as reasonably possible while at your job.

Hearing loss one of the costliest disabilities

Hearing loss can be a devastating reality, whether it is due to a birth defect, trauma or a workplace incident. Yet, people in Michigan are sometimes more likely to have Viagra insured for losing the ability to perform sexually than having their medical bills for hearing loss covered. In fact, according to CNN, hearing loss is not even considered an official disability.

If hearing loss made the list of official disabilities, it would be the largest category in America. Roughly 37 million Americans are affected by hearing loss. As baby boomers retire and millennials put off having children, the population will begin to age. As the population ages, hearing loss becomes even more pronounced.

Managing your Social Security disability benefits

Over the past few years, people in Michigan have been concerned about the state of Social Security funding. Report after report has warned that the fund is running short, including reports from the Social Security Administration itself. In June of 2018, CNBC finally reported some good news when it shared that the number of people applying for disability had declined sharply.

Thanks to this steep decline prompted by economic growth, the SSA was able to tack on another four years to its original estimate of when it would run out of money. There is still much to be done to ensure funds are not depleted by 2023, but the decline in applications means that those who still need Social Security disability can breathe easier about their continued payments.

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