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Heart conditions and social security disability

The heart is the engine that drives the body and when this organ fails, death is most often the result. Even so, not all heart conditions may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Michigan. In fact, even a heart attack is not enough on its own to qualify. Social Security Disability serves workers who may not be able to return to work in the next 12 months, but many people who suffer from a heart attack are back behind the desk in a few weeks to a few months.

According to the Disability Benefits Help organization, patients who suffered from a heart attack may attempt to qualify through a Blue Book listing. Even though the heart attack itself may not qualify a patient for Social Security Disability benefits, the underlying cause of the heart attack may qualify. Failing this, some people may still be able to qualify by completing a residual functional capacity analysis through medical records.

How can I cope with depression?

Along with the many physical effects of disability, many people also experience an emotional impact. Depression is quite common after a disability occurs, as many people have a hard time adjusting to their new reality. Getting assistance with these issues is crucial to living a full and happy life, according to Very Well Health. The following can help you identify depression issues and take the proper steps to get treatment. 

Depression is most common immediately following the onset of a disability. This is especially true when a person lacks a solid support system composed of friends and family. In this case, many people experience a range of conflicting symptoms, many of which are considered hallmarks of clinical depression. For example, depression can cause irritability and outbursts of anger. It can also lead to problems with concentration, fatigue, or a persistent feeling of sadness. Depression can also have physical effects. Some people feel sick all the time, with headaches, stomach pains, or mysterious aches. It can also cause loss of appetite or binge eating, or cause a person to sleep too much or too little. In serious cases, a person may also entertain thoughts of suicide. If this occurs, it's crucial that the person seek out professional help immediately. 

A car accident could result in workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation in Michigan is usually related to workplace accidents on the job. In fact, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs made no mention of workers’ compensation related to car accidents at the time of writing this article. All references regarded standard injuries on the job.

Then, how does a car accident injury qualify for workers’ compensation? First of all, it is important to remember that omission does not mean something is forbidden. As FindLaw points out, there are some very specific instances where workers may be eligible after a motor vehicle accident. Some of the most likely ones are as follows:

  •          While running an errand on behalf of the employer
  •          While delivering a product on behalf of the employer
  •          While driving another employee for work-related reasons
  •          During travel miles that are typically compensated for by the employer

Number of truck accidents continues to rise

When a motor vehicle accident involves a large commercial truck or semitrailer, it often results in significant damage. Truck accidents are more likely to result in injuries as well, due to the size and weight of these types of vehicles. Unfortunately, the number of this type of accident is on the rise across the country.

There are safety regulations and industry standards in place in order to ensure safe operation of trucks and keep all motorists safe. Despites these measures, the overall number of truck accidents has been increasing, and you may be wondering why. Over the last decades, there has been a troubling trend of more and more people dying or suffering severe injuries in various types of semitrailer-involved accidents, including in Michigan.

How likely are amputations as a result of workplace accidents?

People in Michigan who work in dangerous fields may often worry about losing a limb. This fear may be common in factories, on construction sites and while felling trees. This is due in part to the use of machines with sharp blades that may cut through flesh and bone in these industries.

However, while amputations may result from workplace accidents, it is important to note that they do not always happen at the work site. Sometimes it is the severity of an injury that later prompts an amputation, such as after a hand or leg is crushed.

SSD may help pay catastrophic burn recovery costs

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in Michigan. Caution and situational awareness at all times can prevent many devastating injuries, such as falls. However, when there are flammable materials or the chance of electrocution involved, attention to detail and adherence to safety precautions is essential. At Alder Firm, PLLC, we have experience representing clients applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries sustained on the job.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, catastrophic burns can result from a variety of sources. Chemical burns are the result of alkalies, solvents, detergents and strong acids coming into contact with your body. Electrical burns can occur as a result of contact with alternating or direct current. Radiation burns are due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, x-rays or other sources of radiation. Thermal burns result when heat sources raise the temperature of tissue and skin, causing cell death or charring. Hot metal, steam, flames and scalding liquids are the most frequent burn sources.

Will Social Security require my psychotherapy information?

Some people who apply for Social Security Disability in Michigan suffer from mental health issues. Naturally, if you are one of these individuals, you might be concerned about the Social Security Administration (SSA) asking for records that reveal your personal conversations with your mental health professional. While it is true that the SSA needs records from your doctor to secure your disability benefits, the SSA will also offer you privacy for your sensitive information.

The SSA explains that it does not require your therapist or the mental health professional you talk with to send the agency your psychotherapy notes. Also referred to as process notes or session notes, psychotherapy notes consist of any kind of recorded notes that document or provide analysis of the contents of a private counseling session. This also applies to the conversations that take place in a counseling session between two or more people or among a family. 

Caution signs are not enough to keep your business safe

When it comes to creating a safe work environment in Michigan, many business owners turn to the usual solutions. Every so often, there is safety training. Employees are encouraged to report unsafe activities. Caution signs are placed where needed. While these are certainly recommended and even required actions for promoting safety, they do not accomplish much on their own.

Because of this, Forbes recommends digging a little deeper into company culture and hiring practices to  create a safer work environment. For example, the personality and overall behavioral expectations of managers and employees set a certain tone in the workplace. If the manager does not make a personal commitment to maintaining safe premises, employees probably will not take on this responsibility either.

Has the insurer denied your workers' comp claim?

One careless move or moment of distraction can result in a work injury. Injuries on the job also occur if equipment is defective or workers do not receive appropriate training. You may also suffer an illness or medical condition due to repetitive motions or exposure to toxic substances.

No matter how you became ill or injured on the job, you may have felt a sense of relief when you remembered Michigan's law requiring certain employers to carry workers' compensation insurance. This insurance provides benefits to cover your health care and lost wages no matter who is to blame for your injury. However, you may be surprised to learn that the insurer providing workers' comp at your workplace can deny you coverage in certain circumstances.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month

Although praised in the workplace, multi-tasking can have devastating repercussions when mixed with driving on Michigan roadways. As traffic increases, it is critical that drivers focus on their surroundings to avoid a crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving occurs when an activity unrelated to the road diverts a driver’s attention. Texting is a distraction that has captured the headlines in recent years. Statistics show that the average text requires a driver to take their eyes from the road for an average of five seconds. If the car is traveling at 55 mph, this is similar to driving the length of a football field without looking.

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