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Could poor road conditions be to blame for your car accident?

A car accident can leave you with serious injuries and other repercussions that can impact various areas of your life. After an accident, you may be wondering how you can put your life back together and what you can do to move forward. Part of this process for you may be to determine who or what is to blame and to pursue appropriate compensation. 

Many car accidents happen because of issues like distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving and inexperienced drivers. However, other external factors can increase a person's chance of being involved in an accident, such as dangerous roads. In fact, a Michigan accident victim claims that poor roadwork is to blame for his recent collision.

Prevention against hearing loss is imperative

There are certain occupations in Michigan that pose higher risks to employees than other industries. These risks include a variety of injuries and illnesses that can lead to workers' compensation claims. Hearing loss is one condition that affects many workers, and the results are often permanent and life-changing, which is why prevention is important.

According to Medline Plus, job-related hearing loss is often due to vibrations and loud noises that damage the inner ear. While a single exposure to a high decibel sound may lead to hearing loss, it is more common when the person experiences loud sounds on a regular basis. High risk occupations include farming, construction, some military jobs, airline maintenance and those entailing machinery or loud music.

On-the-job pedestrian accidents

Going to work every day can be hard for people in various professions. However, daily job duties can be especially difficult for some workers, such as those who have physically demanding positions. Moreover, some workers are exposed to certain risks while working, such as people who find themselves in traffic on a daily basis. Not only can traffic crashes affect those who drive delivery trucks, semis, taxis and other vehicles as part of their job duties, but some people may even be injured or killed in a pedestrian accident at work.

There are various ways in which on-the-job pedestrian accidents can occur. Some people may be struck by a company vehicle while they are working inside of a company’s garage or parking lot. Moreover, employees may also be injured while they are working around traffic. For example, a road construction worker may be hit by a vehicle, someone hired to hold a sign may be struck by a reckless driver or a worker may be hit by a car while they are running errands for their employer or manager (such as picking up lunch at a nearby restaurant).

How long can I get benefits?

Getting approved to receive Social Security disability benefits in Michigan may be a huge relief. It can take a while to get the approval and actually start to receive your payments. So, you may not be thinking ahead to the future at this point, but it is a good idea to know just how long these payments will continue to come.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are two situations that could end your disability benefits. The most common reason you will stop receiving benefits is that you reach retirement age and are eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits. When this happens, your disability payments are changed to your retirement payments. This could change the amount you receive. The same is true if you are a widow or widower who reaches full retirement age.

Workplace transportation incidents lead to high fatality rates

Michigan employees who drive as part of their job are at higher risk for serious injuries and death than other workers. This leads not only to a lot of pain and heartache for family members, but it also results in expensive workers' compensation claims. Employers should make sure they incorporate safe driving training and protocols to help decrease the number of accidents. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries due to transportation incidents make up around 40% of the fatal work injuries among all industries. Driver sales workers and truck drivers are at the highest risk, although construction workers who drive as part of their job are also vulnerable. The BLS report shows that of the transportation-related injuries, over half of them occurred on the road and include collisions with others and other unspecified incidents. 

What does an employer have to do regarding workers' compensation?

Most Michigan workers are likely aware they could be eligible for certain types of benefits and support in the event they suffer an injury in a work-related accident. Injured workers are entitled to benefits through workers' compensation insurance, but it can be important for individuals to fully understand their rights after a work accident. When you know your rights and what to expect, it can be easier to protect your interests.

Employers have certain obligations toward their employers. They are responsible for making workplaces as safe as reasonably possible, and most have to carry workers' compensation insurance. There are specific requirements for employers in the event of a work accident or an employee filing a workers' compensation benefits claim.

Pay attention to symptoms after a car accident

Drivers and passengers in Michigan who have been involved in an accident often have to deal with a lot of stuff afterwards. Besides exchanging information with the other drivers involved and filling out an accident report, there is dealing with the insurance company and making arrangements for vehicle repair. If a minor ache or pain is noticed, it is possible the victim will not do anything about it because it may not seem like a big deal. Unfortunately, symptoms sometimes take a little while to show up and, if not taken care of, they can lead to more serious issues. Car accident victims should be aware of these symptoms so they can get the necessary medical help.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, over two million people are injured in car wrecks in the United States every year. Because insurance companies and/or the guilty parties are largely responsible for paying for medical care due to injuries, there is no excuse for someone not getting the care they need.

How does the OSHA inspection process work?

If you are an employee in Michigan who feels your workplace is not following safety protocols, you may want to report your employer to OSHA. You can file a complaint anonymously, and the type of inspection OSHA will conduct depends on the specific complaint and situation. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, certain situations take priority over others. The businesses on top priority are those that pose an immediate danger and risk of serious harm or even death. The next priority is a situation in which an incident results in the death or hospitalization of three or more employees. Complaints by employees are the next priority, and of lower priority are planned and follow-up inspections.

How can you return to work with a spinal cord injury?

Workers in Michigan who suffer from spinal cord injuries may feel like returning to work is next to impossible, which adds to all the other life changes they have to consider. For those who want to return to work, there are numerous accommodations that employers can, and are required, to make to assist the employee in coming back and earning an income again. The services and support are provided in a number of ways.

According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, employees are protected from discrimination by the ADA. This means that potential employers cannot refuse hire only because of the disability, and that current employers must make reasonable accommodations to the position, office and/or work space. 

What is the Ticket to Work program?

Workers in Michigan who have suffered a disability and, as a result, have not been able to work may fear they will never be able to return to work and make a difference. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration offers a program that provides disability beneficiaries the chance to get back into the workforce and become financially independent again.

The Social Security Administration discusses how the Ticket to Work program works. It is free and available to beneficiaries aged 18 to 64 who would like to earn more money and work towards a career. The program provides support services and also connects beneficiaries with the right service providers. Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Career counseling
  • Job training
  • Job placement 
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