Will the New Commission Slow Down Workers’ Compensation Appeals?

An executive order issued by Governor Richard Snyder combines the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission with the Michigan Employment Security Board of Review to form a new appellate body – Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission.

The new commission will consist of nine members appointed by the governor who will review the decisions of magistrates and administrative law judges. The new commission will handle the appeals of the two now defunct commissions that handled workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.

An appeal to the commission will be heard by a panel of three members. When a decision is made by the panel, it will be deemed the final decision of the entire commission. A decision by two of the panel members that agree with the result shall be considered the decision of the commission.

The governor issued the executive order because the state is facing a declining number of workers’ compensation appeals and a growing number of unemployment benefits cases.

While the new panel may be able to help in speeding up the appeals process for unemployment cases, the combining of these two areas may slow down those filing workers’ compensation appeals. For those that are injured, this possible delay could be an extra burden to shoulder.

If you have been injured on the job, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist you throughout the process of obtaining benefits, protesting a denial of benefits, and negotiating with an employer or insurance company to settle your case.