Huntington’s Disease to be Added to Social Security Administration’s List of Compassionate Allowances

Recently, we discussed the Social Security Administration’s decision to add several new items to its list of compassionate allowances. If a condition is added to this list, individuals suffering from the injury or illness will not have to go through the time-consuming process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

The agency has announced that another new condition will be placed on this list before the end of the year. The SSA stated that those who are suffering from Huntington’s Disease will be eligible to receive fast-tracked SSDI benefits.

Huntington’s Disease is a condition with no known cure. Often, the symptoms present themselves later in life, perhaps not even until the ages of 40 to 50. Many individuals are well within to a chosen career, and the symptoms of the disease will make it difficult for them to continue with their daily tasks.

Some of the complications from the disease can include involuntary spasms as well as difficult with speech or swallowing. The disease slowly destroys brain tissue, and will eventually result in death.

It can be a challenge for physicians to diagnose the disease at first. Many of the initial signs are relatively minor, and may seem like inconveniences rather than symptoms of a serious health problem.

Medication may slow some of the effects of the disease, but as the condition progress, working will become impossible. The typical process for obtaining SSDI benefits can take a long time, and many initial applications are denied. Placing this condition on the list of compassionate allowances may help individuals receive benefits much more quickly.

It will be important to include the information necessary to establish evidence of the condition with the application, otherwise the SSA may not award benefits. Knowing how the process works can help ensure that complete applications receive the proper consideration.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Social Security to Add Adult Huntington’s Disease to Compassionate Allowances Program“