New Compassionate Allowances Added to Approved List for Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people apply for Social Security Disability benefits without knowing what to expect. The application process can be very lengthy, and it is not uncommon for many of these applications to be denied by the Social Security Administration.

Workers that are disabled depend on SSDI benefits to make ends meet. Before benefits will be awarded, the SSA must determine if the condition is disabling. This means that the injury or illness must be expected to keep a person out of work for one year, or will result in death. The agency has compiled a “listing of impairments,” which lists all of the conditions and the medical symptoms that must be present before benefits will be awarded.

Because this process can be so time consuming, the SSA has created a list of conditions that fall into the compassionate allowances category. This is reserved for those individuals that are considered to be the most disabled. Their applications are “fast-tracked” so that there will not be a lengthy delay before benefits are distributed.

The SSA has recently announced that it will be increasing the number of conditions that will apply as compassionate allowances. They become effective this August, and will bring the total number of approved conditions to 165. The conditions added are certain types of cancers, neurological and immune disorders.

It will be extremely important for those who have these conditions to include the medical information necessary to establish that they have an injury or illness that satisfies the criteria listed by the SSA. Failing to include this information may result in the delay of benefits, which can make it difficult for workers who are depending on these payments to make ends meet.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Social Security Announces New Conditions for Compassionate Allowances Program