Common on-the-Job Injuries

Workers’ compensation is designed to help those injured on the job, or to assist families whose loved ones die while performing work responsibilities. Not all injuries qualify for workers’ compensation, however, so it is worth taking the time to learn what is deemed workers’ compensation in Michigan.

There are many types of on the job injuries, but below are some of the most commonly claimed for workers’ compensation:

  • Injuries which occur on the job such as lacerations, carpel tunnel syndrome, back, neck or head injuries or injuries that come from repetitive motion such as shoulder or knee injuries are the highest ranking reason for applying for workers’ compensation.
  • Falls occur all the time at work. Whether they are from a ladder while performing a task or a simple slip on an icy walkway, falls are very common and make up a large portion of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Automobile accidents are also quite common for employees that travel for their jobs. Injuries attained in on-the-job car accidents can range from broken bones and concussions or worse, and may qualify an employee for worker’s comp.
  • Mental stress is often included under workers’ compensation as well. If a job causes an employee to suffer from restlessness, depression, anxiety or fears that require medical attention, the associated medical expenses would likely be covered.
  • Unfortunately, assaults are also climbing the list of workers’ compensation claims. More and more reports of physical attacks or random violent acts are occurring in the workplace causing more instances of injury and death.

On-the-job injuries can happen for many reasons, in any environment and to any employee. When an injury occurs at work, the employee has the right to file a claim for payment of benefits, and the employer must secure that employee’s position until that employee is able to return to work.

Worker’s compensation is a system that provides critical benefits which injured employees should fully understand and utilize when needed.