SSD Benefits for People With Brain Tumors

Injuries and illnesses that prevent people from working take many forms. There are impairments that cause disability besides well known conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis or chronic pain.

Take, for example, brain tumors. There is an especially nasty form of tumor called glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. It tends to afflict young people. Doctors have been unable to treat it effectively because its twisting tendrils intrude deep into the brain.

The progression of glioblastoma is insidious and relentless. Only about 1 in every 20 people in whom such tumors are detected lives for longer than five years. Obviously that is a ruthless prognosis.

Understandably, a brain tumor of this magnitude can quickly make it virtually impossible for someone to work. People who have already paid into the Social Security disability system through work should therefore consider making a claim for SSD benefits.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration sometimes fails to approve such claims as readily as it should. This can occur despite documented symptoms such as severe headaches, vomiting and seizures.

In fact, in a recent case in another state, the SSA actually sent a letter to a young man who was fighting a glioblastoma tumor and seeking SSD benefits. SSA claimed he was getting better – but by the time the letter arrived he had died.

A case like this shows how serious the stakes are in brain tumor cases. People with such tumors are in a fight for their lives. And SSD benefits should be part of the resources they can count on in that fight.

Source: “Social Security should change how it deals with brain-tumor patients,” Orlando Sentinel, Lauren Ritchie, 10-24-12

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