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May 2013 Archives

Seeking better outcomes for kids who receive SSI benefits

Children with disabilities face a hard road ahead. To be sure, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) helps many of these children and their families make ends meet. Life would be much more difficult for them without SSI.

The art of disability and living with impairment

Classical art was not inclined to explore the lives of disabled people. After all, the Western tradition has emphasized the perfection of classical form. To this tradition, the imperfections of disability can seem like a glaring affront. 

Disabled veterans: surge seeks to break through claims backlog

We've been following the issue of disability benefits for veterans closely for months in this blog. In our last post of 2012, we discussed the delays many veterans were experiencing before their claims could be processed. At that time, the Veterans Administration (VA) pledged to work more closely with the Social Security Administration to expedite claims.

Disability accommodations: service animals and federal law

Service animals are crucial aids for many disabled people. Dogs, in particular, are well known for their ability to assist people with disabilities in accomplishing daily tasks. In Southeast Michigan and across the nation, many disabled people rely on them regularly.

Disability claims increase among veterans

It's been a few months since we wrote about disability among veterans. As we discussed in our January 18 post, there are now about 3.4 million disabled veterans in the U.S. These veterans come Michigan and every other state.

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