Psychiatrists Turn to Rave Drug to Help the Severely Depressed

It is highly likely that most people in Farmington Hills know someone with depression or have depression themselves. Depression is incredibly common, and for many people is manageable. For those with the most severe cases, however, depression can inhibit an individual’s ability to work, making him or her reliant upon¬†Social Security disability insurance benefits. Having a disability like severe depression, however, does not mean someone will automatically receive disability benefits. Rather, many people work with a disability benefits lawyer to go through the complex process of applying and receiving benefits.

For many of the people in Wayne County who are severely depressed and have struggled to treat their chronic depression, there may yet be hope. Some psychiatrists have been using ketamine, a popular rave drug and anesthetic, to treat the most severe of patients and have seen tremendous success.

Unfortunately, the use of ketamine to treat depression is not that popular just yet. In fact, there are approximately only eight clinics across the country that are working with the drug. It is because, in part, many psychiatrists are hesitant to recommend the treatment, what with its popularity for abuse. Many other psychiatrists are largely unaware of what the medicine can do. Finally, the fact that drug manufacturers cannot promote ketamine as anything more than a anesthetic seriously limits who is using it to treat depression.

If this type of treatment finds its way to the greater Detroit area, it could serve as a valuable resource for many people in the area living with chronic and severe depression.

Source:¬†The Republic, “For chronic depression, an unlikely balm,” Philip Haldiman, July 29, 2013