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March 2014 Archives

Lower back pain a number 1 cause of disability

Though it's not something that is greatly discussed in the newspapers, lower back pain is a major medical syndrome that brings along with it serious consequences. It is called the number 1 cause worldwide of disability. And with people living even longer, this problem will probably only get worse in future years.

SSA proposal would require producing of more medical information

The Social Security Administration appears to be tightening rules for individuals applying for disability benefits. Under a new proposal, applicants will be asked to provide what is considered all relevant medical information to the government. This will be the case even it appears individuals are unable to work.

Compassionate Allowance program for SSDI applicants

The Social Security Administration added 25 conditions concerning the Compassionate Allowance program pertaining to Social Security disability insurance. This program allows applicants with serious disabilities to receive SSDI benefits within days.

SSA to check backgrounds of beneficiaries' representative payees

A couple of years ago, a shocking case of abuse came to light. In what is now known as the “Tacony dungeon” case, four Social Security disability beneficiaries with mental disabilities were found imprisoned in a filthy basement. Their captors allegedly kept them there to steal their SSD benefits, which was apparently accomplished through the simple expedient of signing up as their victims’ “representative payees.”

Hiring increase does not lower unemployment rate for the disabled

Today’s jobs report was met with mixed reviews. Indeed, hiring in February was better than expected, but it was not enough to temper fears about the uptick in the unemployment rate. The U.S. Labor Department reported that the national economy added 175,000 jobs last month. The number exceeded what analysts had expected, but it was not enough to spark excitement about the direction the economy was headed.

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