Federal Judge Will Not Allow for Suspension of Disability Checks

One federal judge had ordered the Social Security Administration to continue allowing individuals to have access to Social Security checks.  The judge would not allow for SSA to suspend benefits to approximately 1,000 people including veterans who suffered traumatic brain injury.

The SSA was investigating a group that was handling the money for these recipients.  A number of these members then received letters and were told that they needed to find a new group to handle their money or possibly have their benefits interrupted.  A disability rights group then filed a lawsuit on behalf of approximately 500 individuals that had not yet changed over to some other organization to manage their money.

The judge seemed sympathetic to the plight of these disabled people.  Part of the problem was that a large number of individuals in this group neither had access to telephones or to the mail.  

“If benefits are suspended, Plaintiffs will be unable to pay for basic needs such as housing, food, medications, and transportation,” stated the judge.  The judge also wrote that it was in the public interest for these benefits to be continued.

This matter illustrates how badly disabled individuals require Social Security disability insurance benefits.  Due to injuries or disabilities, these individuals are often dependent upon others for tasks such as managing of finances.  As mentioned above, traumatic brain injury patients may not even have access to items like telephones or mail.

Attorneys can represent SSDI recipients and their family members to make certain that these individuals receive the care and benefits that they deserve.  Those receiving these benefits have worked and contributed substantially to Social Security.  And in the case of veterans the sacrifice they’ve made has been substantial.

Source: KATU-TV, “Federal Judge throws lifeline to those receiving disability checks,” Colin Miner, March 27, 2014