Promising Research Released Concerning Treatment of Diabetes

There are continuing medical advances concerning diabetes that will hopefully someday make this illness a thing of the past. Certain surgical procedures such as stomach-reducing operations may prove more effective than the taking of many medications in treating both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

While certain experts were at first skeptical about the lasting impact of such surgeries, three-year research results at least seem to be promising. One cardiologist felt that the results could revolutionize how this illness is dealt with. However, while providing hope for patients this new approach still does not guarantee diabetes will never return for certain patients.

Such a story also provides hope for many Michigan recipients of Social Security disability insurance benefits who currently are unable to work due to the havoc diabetes has brought upon their lives. Though they are currently depending upon SSDI benefits to make it through their lives, this research provides a promise that they may once again be able to return to the workforce.

We will have to wait and see what comes next concerning this research. While this provides hope for those suffering from diabetes, we cannot be sure what the timeline may be before another breakthrough takes place.

The problem for many is that they cannot wait until new treatments or cures for various diseases are discovered. These individuals often have no jobs or source of finances that they can rely upon to meet all of their expenses including food, housing and medications. Without the modest benefits that SSDI can provide for them, they may have difficulties in surviving.

Source: The Big Story, “Surgery gives long-term help for obese diabetics,” Marilynn Marchione, March 31, 2014