Proposal May Affect SSDI Recipients Collecting Unemployment

One commentator has expressed concerns about the proposed budget introduced by President Obama. This proposal would reportedly involve disallowing of disability benefits for individuals that are collecting unemployment.

However, the idea that collecting both Social Security disability insurance benefits and unemployment would be “double-dipping” may be misguided. Also, the savings that would come about by this proposal appears to be extremely minimal.

There are advocates that have expressed concerns regarding the burdens this proposal would place upon disabled workers. SSDI is meant to be a supplement to wages rather than a substitute. Recipients are currently only allowed to earn $1,070 per month to begin with in wages.

While the typical disability benefit is approximately $1,130 per month, unemployment checks are $1,200 per month. The benefits will hopefully make it easier for workers as they await their return to the labor force, but the system is not structured to make recipients wealthy. Collecting SSDI and unemployment also requires meeting eligibility requirements concerning both programs.

Because there are unanswered questions concerning proposals that will actually be passed into law affecting the manner in which SSDI benefits will be distributed, applicants will have many questions concerning the process. The process is already complicated enough and can be time-consuming.

Applicants in the Michigan area likely will require the assistance of an attorney who understands the Social Security disability area and can assist in the processing of claims. We do not wish to seek claims denied and applicants deprived of their benefits because they do not understand their rights to appeal decisions of the Social Security Administration.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “The attack on the disabled buried in the president’s new budget,” Michael Hiltzik, March 5, 2014