How We Can Help You Qualify for SSDI?

Contrary to popular belief, qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance is not easy. In fact, many people who eventually receive benefits only do so after retaining an experienced SSD lawyer to file an appeal with the Social Security Administration on their behalf.

Of course, the crux of whether or not a person qualifies for SSDI benefits depends on whether the person is disabled in the eyes of the SSA. The SSA considers a person to be disabled if he or she is rendered unable to work for at least a year because of an illness or condition.

The SSA considers problems with various bodily systems to be disabling conditions, including problems with the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and the endocrine system.

But the disability doesn’t have to be physical in order to qualify for benefits. The SSA considers mental impairments such as mental retardation, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and other organic mental conditions to be qualifying disabilities as well.

Unfortunately, the application process is much more complicated than just stating that you suffer from a disabling illness or condition that has left you unable to work. For that reason, roughly 70 percent of disability applicants are denied when they first apply.

During the application process, it’s important to characterize your condition appropriately, use more formal or “clinical” language, and provide all of the necessary information requested by the SSA. That’s why it’s valuable to have your application professionally prepared from the start.

Our firm has been assisting Michigan residents with the SSDI application and appeals processes for many years. To find out more about how we can help, please visit our Michigan Disability Application Lawyers page.