How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

While it is true that applying for Social Security Disability benefits in the state of Michigan doesn’t require a lawyer, actually obtaining benefits is a lot easier with the help of one.

If you ask anyone who has been through the Social Security Disability application or appeals process without the help of a lawyer, they would probably tell you that the process was long, confusing and frustrating.

That’s because about 70 percent of initial disability applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are denied on the first try.

Additionally, the appeals process can take a couple of years or longer to complete, depending on the size of the state’s backlog of cases.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side who has been through the process countless times before and knows what to expect can help make sure you complete your claim correctly, and then can guide you through the appeals process, if necessary.

When it comes to the initial application, our attorneys can help make sure that your claim is prepared correctly the first time around, which could mean avoiding the lengthy appeal process. We are also happy to meet over the phone so that our clients don’t have to travel.

If an appeal is necessary, our attorneys gather all of the important information and make sure that it is presented clearly to the administrative law judge. We also prepare our clients for the appeal hearing and stand by our clients in front of the judge, which many clients find comfort in.

People who are applying for disability benefits are often at the end of their ropes and are desperate to get the help they need. An effective lawyer can not only provide comfort and support during this time, but can also increase a person’s chances of having their claim approved.