When Do Children Qualify for Disability Benefits?

Raising children is difficult, and it’s expensive. But caring for a child with special needs can be even more emotionally and financially draining. Oftentimes, the special care required for children with disabilities can leave families scraping to get by each month.

Luckily, disabled children are often able to qualify for a needs-based government benefits program called Supplemental Security Income, which can provide some financial relief. SSI is a program that assists low-income in individuals who also suffer from disabilities.

In order to begin receiving SSI, the family must meet income and asset limitations, and the child’s disability must be included under the Social Security Administration’s list of qualifying conditions.

There are many conditions included on the SSA’s list, included various types of birth defects and birth injuries, mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and any severe physical injury or illness that impairs the child’s ability to function like other children do.

Although SSI can be an excellent financial resource for families with disabled children, the application process can be complex and discouraging. It is common for applicants to be denied when they first apply and not understand why. That’s why many families turn to our firm for assistance.

We have been helping Michigan families qualify for SSI benefits for many years and we know what case reviewers and judges look for on applications. To find out more about how we help families with disabled children apply for SSI benefits, please visit our Detroit Disability Attorney page.