Lower Back Pain a Number 1 Cause of Disability

Though it’s not something that is greatly discussed in the newspapers, lower back pain is a major medical syndrome that brings along with it serious consequences. It is called the number 1 cause worldwide of disability. And with people living even longer, this problem will probably only get worse in future years.

According to one study, more productivity has been lost due to lower back pain than any other form of disability. Close to one in 10 individuals suffers from lower back pain. The amount of time spent in disability also seems to be increasing.

It’s still unknown the impact that lower back pain can have concerning well-being, the ability to perform a career or the overall economic impact. But since so many individuals are suffering from lower back pain the impact as concerns well-being, the economy and burdens upon career is likely to be significant.

Certain chronic back cases can likely be treated with antibiotics. Maybe there will be other medical breakthroughs in the future as well. In any event, even these medical treatments can prove costly for patients.

Without the modest Social Security disability insurance benefits that individuals receive, these people could face severe financial consequences. Attorneys in assisting recipients can help individuals receive the benefits that the federal government promised to them. These individuals have often paid into the Social Security program for decades.

Anyone in Detroit feeling they have a claim for SSDI benefits might find it beneficial to speak to an attorney that understands the SSDI claim process. The financial burden that comes along with having a disability is often too much for most families.

Source: Medical News Today, “Global burden of disability highest for low back pain,” Marie Ellis, March 25, 2014