What Is the Ticket To Work Program?

Many people who receive Social Security Disability benefits depend on the payments for their entire lives because of permanent disabilities that prevent them from ever returning to work.

But some people only require SSD benefits for a certain length of time while they recover or get treatment. People in this situation may decide that they’d like to return to work, and there are programs in place to help them do so.¬†

If you receive SSD benefits, chances are that you have heard of the Ticket to Work program. However, you might not be sure what the program entails or how it works.

As we all know, qualifying for disability benefits isn’t easy. It is often a long and stressful process so by the time a person has been approved for benefits they are very reluctant to give those benefits up, especially when they aren’t sure if they are ready or able to work full time.

The Ticket to Work program was created to help SSD beneficiaries transition back to work while still receiving their cash benefits and medical coverage. If participants attempt to return to work and find that their disability is still standing in the way, they are able to start payments easily again.

The Ticket to Work program is available to adults who receive disability benefits are between the ages of 18 and 64. The program is voluntary and participants are able to quit the program without penalty if they decide that are not interested or are unable to work.

Here are a few other important details about the Ticket to Work program from a Social Security Administration publication:

  • You can get help finding a job and training through employment networks
  • The employment network helps you find a job that best suits you
  • You will not be subject to medical review to see if you still qualify for benefits based on your medical condition while participating in the program and pursuing your return to work plan
  • The SSA offers other “work incentive” rules as well that can help you to continue to receive benefits while attempting to return to the workplace

If you are considering the Ticket to Work program, it may be wise to consult a SSD lawyer who can help explain your rights and expectations under the program.