Obtaining SSD in Michigan Isn’t Easy… but We Can Help

While you have probably heard that the denial rate for Social Security Disability benefits is high, that is especially true if you live in the state of Michigan. Here, 70 percent of SSD applications are initially denied, which is significantly higher than the nation’s average denial rate of 60 percent.

What that means is Michigan SSD applicants must be very thorough when they apply in order to improve their chances of approval. One of the best ways to ensure that the application has been filled out correctly is by working with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

Working with a lawyer can also be extremely helpful for people who have already received a claim denial letter and are considering an appeal. Because the appeal is essentially a second chance to have your application considered, you must follow the process carefully.

Our firm has extensive experience helping Michigan residents file for Social Security disability benefits and representing them in appeal cases. When we first meet a client who has been denied benefits, we evaluate the reasons for the denial and then develop a plan to prove that the client is entitled to benefits.

Oftentimes, this plan involves collecting additional medical evidence to help prove that the disability is real and preventing the client from working. We also work closely with our clients to help them prepare for the review hearing, where they will appear before an administrative law judge.

Finally, we then attend the review hearing with our clients, offering advice and encouragement along the way.

Obtaining SSD benefits in Michigan is no easy feat. To find out more about how we can help, visit our Detroit Disability Attorneys page.