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How does the Ticket to Work program work?

For many people, Social Security disability is only a temporary lifeline, meaning that eventually they are able to go back to work once they are ready and able.

If you are receiving SSD benefits but think that you may be ready to start making your way back into the workforce, then the Social Security Admonition’s Ticket to Work program might be just the ticket.

The Ticket to Work program was created to support recipients of disability benefits as they return to work by providing vocational services and protections on disability benefits.

What are the vocational services provided by the Ticket to Work program?

Employment networks, which are qualifying job services, nonprofits, and other programs, provide vocational training, job readiness training, resume writing and other job services to program participants in order to help them find jobs more easily.

Can I keep my disability and medical benefits by participating in the Ticket to Work program?

One of the biggest concerns people thinking about returning to work have is that they won’t be able to support themselves and then they will lose out on their cash and medical benefits, which often took months or years to secure.

The good news is that the Ticket to Work program allows SSD beneficiaries to keep receiving benefits while they seek out employment. Then, after a trial work-period has ended, beneficiaries ease off their cash and medical benefits gradually.

If they find that their disability still stands in the way of working, beneficiaries may not have to re-apply for benefits in order to begin receiving them again. (Read more here.)

Is the Ticket to Work program mandatory?

The Ticket to Work program is not mandatory and SSD beneficiaries do not risk losing their benefits if they choose not to participate. It is only available to help make the transition back to work easier for those who are able.

Read more specifics about the program in the SSA’s informative brochure. Talk with an experienced disability lawyer with any questions about how returning to work may affect your benefits.

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