Attorneys Advise Michigan Residents Seeking SSD Benefits

Just because you can do something for yourself, that does not mean you always should. Oftentimes, a professional in a particular field can handle an issue better than someone without the same knowledge and experience might be able to. This is particularly true in the realm of applying for Social Security disability benefits. It is possible to apply for benefits without a lawyer, but a lawyer experienced with the ins and outs of the application and appeals processes can be of great assistance.

The lawyers at Adler Stilman PLLC have helped disabled Michigan residents navigate the complicated federal regulations associated with the SSD benefits application process. They will help clients identify whether an illness may qualify them to seek benefits, from a seizure disorder, as this blog reported on in a previous post, to blood disease or liver disease. With the firm’s practice focusing on Social Security disability law, it is the job of the firm’s attorneys to know the federal regulations and to stay on top of any changes in current law and how such changes may affect their clients.

Applying for SSD benefits is not always straightforward. The Social Security Administration will scrutinize all applications for benefits, and federal law on the matter can be nuanced. Moreover, if an application is denied, the individual applying for benefits faces the burdensome process of appealing the SSA’s decision.

However, it is important to know that residents of Michigan do not have to face the SSD application or appeals processes alone. For additional information about applying for SSD benefits, please visit our webpage.