Does Oversleeping Put You at Greater Risk for Suffering a Stroke?

The reality for most people is that everyday life is filled with such commotion — from work and school to shopping and other obligations — that they often find themselves operating on a sleep deficit. Indeed, most people would more than likely jump at the opportunity to lead a lifestyle that enabled them to sleep more than eight hours a day.

According to a recently published study, however, it may be best if this possibility remains nothing more than a dream, however, as it may present an elevated risk of a suffering a serious and debilitating neurological episode.

The study, published in the medical journal Neurology, found that those people who sleep an average of over eight hours a night are at an elevated risk of suffering a stroke.

They arrived at this rather stunning conclusion by following the sleep patterns of almost 10,000 people between the ages of 42 to 81 for almost 10 years, recording the amount of time they spent sleeping each night and if they suffered a stroke at any point in time.

After crunching the numbers, they determined that roughly seven out of ten of the participants slept between six to eight hours per night while only one out of ten of the participants slept over eight hours per night. However, they also found after adjusting for certain factors that those who fell into the latter category had a stroke risk that was 46 percent higher than average.

What exactly is behind this phenomenon?

While the researchers say that additional studies will need to be conducted, they nevertheless theorized that excessive amounts of sleeping among older adults may increase inflammation, something that can lead to the development of cardiovascular issues.

It will certainly be fascinating to see if further research supports these findings or provides further insight into why the stroke risk is elevated among those who stay in bed for longer than average.

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Source: Time, “Risk of stroke is greater in people who oversleep,” Alexandra Sifferlin, Feb. 26, 2015