Former Baseball Star Strikes Out With SSD

We often discuss how difficult it is for people to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, even for those who truly deserve it. This point was made all too clear in a recent news story about a former professional baseball player who has found qualifying for SSD to more difficult than winning the World Series.

Brian Doyle, of Georgia, helped the Yankees clinch the 1978 World Series, but battling cancer in the 1990s took a major toll on his athletic body. His family told a local news team that Doyle’s bones began to deteriorate because of the chemotherapy he went through.

After living in pain for years, Doyle applied for SSD benefits in 2013 and was denied twice. Then Doyle’s luck turned worse when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. While the former baseball star’s condition should qualify him for benefits, he has been left waiting.

In his state, it can take as long as 2.5 years just for an administrative judge to decide to review an appeal, and the outcome of the appeal is largely dependent on which judge the case is assigned to.

Ultimately, the baseball player and his family said they wanted to share their story in case it is able to help others in similar situations. Even though Doyle can’t work, they are still managing to put food on the table thanks to his wife’s full time job and help from friends and family.

But others aren’t so lucky, they know.

If you or someone you love is in a situation like former baseball star Brian Doyle, know that your best option may be to seek help from an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. Your lawyer can stand up for your rights and in some cases expedite your benefits.