Lawyers Advocate for Disabled Detroit Residents Seeking Benefits

Michigan residents may think that obtaining SSD benefits should be simple. Perhaps they have a medical condition that has led to an inability to work, and, therefore, they need benefits. Unfortunately, it is often not as simple to obtain benefits as it is to identify an applicant’s great need for benefits.

The Social Security Administration has complex requirements that applicants must comply with before the applicant will awarded benefits. Moreover, not only can the process of applying for disability benefits be complex, but, as this blog reported in a previous post, the process can be long, as the backlog of cases is now at 1 million, meaning it takes an average of 450 days to process a claim.

Therefore, it has never been more essential than now to have the guidance of skilled attorneys to assist those who are seeking SSD benefits. The attorneys of Adler Stilman PLLC know that those who are suffering from disabling conditions are experiencing physical and emotional pain, as well as the prospect that their condition may continue for the rest of their lives, which can be daunting, to say the least. The firm’s attorneys are advocates for those who find themselves in this potentially overwhelming position.

They will answer clients’ questions, of which there can be many, patiently and with care. If an appeal is necessary, the attorneys of Adler Stilman PLLC will commit themselves to their clients and continue to advocate for them. The firm’s attorneys seek to make the difficult process of applying for disability benefits as smooth as possible for their clients.

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