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Michigan lawyers help clients with spinal injuries

Social Security Disability Insurance is an expansive program that may provide injured or disabled Michigan residents with benefits. A person who is unable to work, whether due to a brain injury, a neck injury, or, as this blog reported in a previous post, a spine injury, may qualify for SSDI benefits.

Bone marrow disorders may qualify Michiganders for SSDI benefits

Bone marrow exists at the center of a person's bone and is where a person's blood cells are made. Some Michigan residents may have bone marrow disorders in which their bone marrow fails to make sufficient red blood cells which are essential for moving oxygen through a person's body. Bone marrow disorders are categorized as blood diseases by the Social Security Administration and may qualify a person to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness.

How does the SSA evaluate a Michigander's inability to work?

One important consideration in the determination of Social Security disability benefits is whether a person is able to work. Before awarding benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will need information about the type of work that a Michigan resident did in the past and whether he or she is still able to do such work. An inability to work is at the center of the evaluation for disability benefits, as a person is not considered disabled unless he or she cannot do the work he or she did in the past and cannot adjust to other work.

How is a spine injury evaluated for SSDI benefits?

A Michigan resident likely does not think about his or spine on a regular basis. Someone who has suffered a spine injury, in contrast, may be able to think of nothing else, as he or she may be in tremendous pain and unable to work. A person who has suffered a spine injury and is unable to work may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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