Michigan Attorneys Aggressively Pursue SSDI Benefits for Clients

Though the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is one that has been in place for many years, it is not a stagnant program. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may enact new policies that affect the evaluation process for benefits or new laws may be passed that affect benefits. Furthermore, as this blog reported in a previous post, the prevalence of certain disorders changes over time, and, therefore, the Social Security Administration must adapt to these changes.

It can be hard for a disabled Michigan resident to stay on top of current SSA news and potential legal changes, in addition to handling the everyday challenges of his or her disability. Fortunately, the attorneys of Adler Stilman, PLLC, keep abreast of this information as part of the practice. The firm’s attorneys are experienced at handling all manner of SSDI claims. Whether a Michigander needs benefits due to a debilitating illness or a work accident, the firm’s attorneys have worked with their clients to ensure that they are prepared and can put forth the best case possible in an initial application for benefits.

If a Michigander’s initial application is denied, as many are, the attorneys of Adler Stilman, PLLC, can pursue the appeals process on behalf of a client. An applicant who applied without the assistance of an attorney initially may need help gathering essential evidence and structuring his or her case for benefits. The attorneys of Adler Stilman, PLLC, have done just this sort of legal work. They have experience pursuing all available appeals options for a client.

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