Texting and Driving Frequency in Michigan

Many Michigan drivers understand the importance of keeping their eyes on the road. However, this can be hard to remember when phones are nearby. Although some drivers can resist the temptation to answer a text message, others find this difficult.

It may seem that only young drivers would feel that they need to check to their phones while driving. USA Today says that this is not a problem for only one generation; of adults between the ages of 35 and 54, 7 percent feel they need to read or send a text message behind the wheel. A recent study found that 18 percent of drivers feel they need to check text messages while driving, even though 87 percent acknowledge that this is a hazardous behavior. This trend is especially worrying when one considers the fact that constant accessibility to smartphones can condition a driver’s brain.

Of all drivers, Millennials are the most likely to text and drive. Part of this is because they have grown up with increased exposure to technology. In addition to text messages, constant notifications from social media apps impel these young drivers to check their phones, with 17 percent reporting that they frequently check their phones behind the wheel.

Several states have placed bans on texting while driving. According to the National Conference of State website, Michigan has fairly strict laws in place to discourage this habit. While texting behind the wheel is banned for all drivers, those with a Level one or two license are not allowed to have any cellphone activity while they drive. A ban on hand-held devices is decided by local communities.