SSI Applicants Could Benefit From Michigan Attorneys’ Help

The application process for Supplemental Security Income benefits can be complex. There are many requirements and specific limitations imposed by the government in order for a person to obtain SSI-related benefits. As this blog reported in a previous post, a Michigan resident’s living arrangements may affect the amount of his or her SSI benefits award. Whether a person has a trust or receives income from the arts may also factor into his or her award of SSI benefits.

The list of requirements and exceptions can be very long and the process of obtaining SSI benefits can be difficult. Therefore, it can be essential and advantageous for a person to have the assistance of an experienced attorney as he or she applies for benefits, or appeals a denied SSI claim.

The attorneys of Adler Stilman PLLC have experience helping Michigan residents obtain SSI benefits. The firm’s attorneys know how to gather the essential information needed for a benefits application and then to present it to the Social Security Administration in an organized and clear fashion to offer a client the best possible chances that his or her application will be approved. If a person’s application is not approved at the initial application stage, the firm will continue to advocate for a client during the appeals process, which can be lengthy.

For additional information about how the attorneys of Adler Stilman PLLC can assist those persons seeking SSI benefits, please visit our SSI page. The firm does not charge any upfront costs or fees to assist clients.