Detroit Attorney Advocates for Those With Disabilities

An applicant for Social Security disability benefits may have many questions. He may wonder whether his injuries or ailment will qualify him for benefits or how long the disability evaluation process will take. An applicant may have questions regarding SSA requirements for benefits and how to go about meeting these requirements to ensure the best possible chance at receiving approval for SSDI benefits.

Additionally, an applicant or a current recipient of benefits may have questions about ongoing changes with regard to SSDI benefits and the Social Security Administration. Social Security disability benefits often gain political attention, and legislation is passed that can have an effect on either current or future beneficiaries, as this blog reported in a previous post. In order to stay on top of the current discussion regarding SSDI and SSI benefits, it is essential for a Michigan resident to obtain knowledgeable guidance from an expert.

Barry Adler is just such an expert. Not only can he assist Detroit residents with SSI and SSDI applications by answering questions, gathering evidence and arguing for them in the appeals process, but he also keeps his clients apprised of all current events in the field of Social Security disability law that may affect them. It is essential to stay informed and current in what is often a changing landscape, and Michigan residents seeking SSD information can rely on Mr. Adler to be their advocate and source of information.

For additional information about the services Mr. Adler offers, please visit the following¬†website. Whether through a professionally prepared application, advocacy on appeal, or simply answering a client’s questions about current SSD news, Mr. Adler can provide assistance that will put his clients’ minds at ease.