Report: Michigan’s Developmental Disability Services Among Nation’s Best

Many things can affect the quality of life of a person who has a developmental disability. One is how good the disability services are in the state they live in.

What quality are the developmental disability services here in Michigan? A recent report indicates that the state is one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to such services.

The report is from United Cerebral Palsy. It looked at data regarding developmental-disability-related Medicaid services throughout the country. It named Michigan’s services among the five best in the nation.

Why do you think Michigan is doing so well on this front? What impact do you think this is having on individuals with developmental disabilities in the state?

Another thing that can significantly impact what life is like for an individual with a developmental disability is what income streams they have coming in. Now, there are some traditional sources of income that such an individual may not have access to. For one, some disabilities of this type knock a person out of the workforce.

However, individuals with developmental disabilities who can’t work may have access to some alternate income sources. One thing that might be a possibility are Social Security disability benefits.

Now, as can sometimes happen when trying to get the disability services they need, individuals suffering from developmental disabilities could encounter challenges when trying access to such alternate income sources. For example, they might have a claim for SSD benefits denied. When facing challenges in relation to an SSD claim, such as a claim made in relation to a developmental disability, a person may benefit from having a skilled SSD lawyer’s representation.

Source: Disability Scoop, “Ranking Names States With Best Disability Services,” Shaun Heasley, Oct. 3, 2016