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January 2017 Archives

Does Social Security Disability cover chronic fatigue syndrome?

Social Security Disability benefits cover a wide range of medical conditions, and one of them is chronic fatigue syndrome. According to the Social Security Administration, you may receive disability benefits if you suffer from CFS in Michigan. However, you may need to demonstrate that your case of CFS qualifies under SSA guidelines.

What should you know about driving on icy roads?

As a Michigan driver, you know that winter presents driving conditions which can sometimes be hazardous. One of these is ice on the roads. Although you know tips for general winter driving, it is good to know specific information about ice so that you can be safe behind the wheel.

How the price of gas affects Social Security beneficiaries

Detroit is synonymous with the auto industry in America. Although the rebirth of manufacturing in the area has been friendly to workers, gas prices could be fueling frustration among consumers around the state. To spark that feeling, 2017 brings the enactment of a new gas tax to Michigan.

How to Overcome the Danger of Repetitive Motions

Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of injury in the workplace? In 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that musculoskeletal disorders account for 31% of all workers' injury cases. Musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs, are injuries or disorders of the muscles, joints, nerves, cartilage, and spine.

Differences between benefits programs

Michigan workers may think that benefits programs such as Social Security Disability for injuries and Workers' Compensation are essentially the same thing. However, there are some important differences that employees should be aware of.

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