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Qualifying for disability benefits with a heart condition

When you think of conditions which qualify for Social Security Disability for injuries, you may not initially think of heart problems. However, some cardiovascular diseases are considered to be disabilities. At Adler Stilman, we understand that SSDI benefits can sometimes seem complicated.

Although you might think that any heart condition qualifies for SSDI benefits, the Social Security Administration is specific about which heart problems qualify. Usually, cardiovascular problems must interfere with your arteries or the way your circulatory system functions, and sometimes must also be the result of heart disease. Myocardial ischemia pain, decreased amounts of oxygen in your blood, syncope or chronic heart failure are all conditions which SSDI typically cover.

Even when you have one of the conditions which allows you to qualify for SSDI benefits, you are not always automatically guaranteed these benefits. If you have only just been diagnosed with your condition or expect to recover within a year, you may not be eligible. This is because SSA requirements usually include a timeline for your disease. Typically, you need to have your condition for more than a year and be unable to work. In some cases, your condition also needs to be one which might lead to death.

Filing to receive SSDI benefits can sometimes be a lengthy process, and the process is not always as straightforward as you might like it to be. You may sometimes find that your particular situation determines whether or not you are eligible for benefits, and much medical terminology is sometimes required. More information about qualifying for benefits is available on our web page.

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