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What should you know about working with robots?

While installing robots in your Michigan workplace can increase safety, there are hazards which accompany these machines. A previous blog discussed a lawsuit which was begun after a woman was killed by an industrial robot. This week’s blog will discuss proper safety techniques for employees who work with these machines, as well as the hazards which can arise.

It is important to remember that all employees who work with robots should be properly trained. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that this can help increase awareness of how accidents might occur and ensure that everyone knows the proper ways to work with these machines. You should also make sure regular maintenance is performed. This can help keep accidents to a minimum and also indicates when robots might need reprogramming.

When you install new robots, you should typically perform a risk assessment. This allows you to identify the safeguards you need to implement. These may include fixed barriers and devices to limit operation speed. These safeguards are especially important for your employees who operate and program robots. Your operators should have a work area which is separate from the robot’s space. You should also make sure that your programmers understand exactly how the machines work and can always maintain control when working with them.

Even with the best safeguards in place, you may still encounter hazards. Some of these might stem from mechanical failures or faulty installation. However, human error can also result in accidents. An employee may unintentionally program a robot incorrectly. Accidents can also occur during routine maintenance if a worker stands in an unsafe position.


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