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Why do cars crash into buildings?

When you think about distracted driving in Michigan, you may initially think of a driver who rear-ends another vehicle because of texting. However, distracted driving can also cause you to maneuver your car into a building.

While colliding with a building may seem like a rare occurrence, Risk Management magazine says that it is estimated that these collisions take place 60 times each day. One of the main causes of these accidents is distracted driving. Many drivers can easily be distracted by their GPS or cellphone. However, young drivers are more likely to crash into a building than older, more experienced motorists, especially when these young drivers have less than five years of experience behind the wheel. This is because their lack of experience is combined with a greater likelihood of being distracted by cellphones and other technological devices.

Sometimes driver error can cause you to collide with a building. Many drivers who are 70 or older are involved in these collisions because of a mistake behind the wheel. These mistakes usually include putting a car into the wrong gear or pressing the wrong pedal.

Sometimes the way a building is oriented can increase the likelihood that you will drive into the building. This is because some parking lots allow your car to face the store as you drive through and this provides more opportunities for you to hit the building if you experience a pedal error. Additionally, nose-in parking can lead to this kind of accident. To prevent this kind of collision from occuring, it is recommended that you avoid nose-in parking next to a building whenever possible and be aware of which pedal you press when you are backing out of a parking space.  




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