Factors Behind Rollover Accidents

A car crash can be a frightening incident for Michigan residents, especially when the accident involves a rollover. To keep themselves safe on the road, it is important to understand how these incidents occur and what drivers can do to keep themselves safe.

Some drivers may not be surprised to learn the factors which can lead to a rollover accident. SaferCar.gov says that alcohol and speed are usually involved in these incidents. Alchohol plays a role in almost half of the rollovers which cause fatalities, and people are also more likely to die if they are speeding. Roads with a speed limit above 55 mph are where almost three-quarters of fatal incidents occur, and excessive speeding is a factor in 40 percent of these deadly accidents.

Location can also be a factor in these crashes. Rollovers most often occur on rural roads which do not have barriers, and fatal incidents are especially common on these roads. Additionally, cars are more likely to experience a rollover if they have a higher center of gravity. These vehicles include vans and SUVs.

There are different ways in which a rollover can occur. According to Consumer Reports, some incidents are caused by tires which grip the pavement too much. Other crashes are sometimes the result of overcorrecting after a sharp turn. However, drivers can typically prevent rollovers when they take certain precautions on the road. Staying within the speed limit, especially in rural areas, can help people see potential hazards so they can maneuver correctly. It is also recommended that drivers be aware of the ways they load their cars. Instead of loading gear onto the roof, people may want to keep heavy items lower in the vehicle.