Preventing Burns in the Food Service Industry

When Michigan residents think about workplace accidents, they may not consider burns. Burns can be a common occurrence in the food service industry, though. It is important to understand how these burns occur and how they can be prevented.

There are numerous ways a food service employee can incur a burn. According to the National Restaurant Association, someone might be burned while they prepare food. Oil in a deep fryer can spatter if fryer baskets are overfilled or if a cook drops a basket into the oil instead of lowering it gently. Additionally, people can incur a burn if they reach across a steamer or drop food into boiling water.

Food service employees can be burned even if they do not work in the kitchen. Servers might receive a burn when they serve or prepare coffee or other hot beverages. Hot dishes and heat strips can also cause burns if someone does not use their waiter’s cloth or a hot pad. Even candles on tables might cause a burn if a server reaches across the candle.

Because burns are prevalent in food service, it is important for people to receive the proper training. says that employers should typically ensure that all employees understand and follow the safety rules. Additionally, management staff should usually investigate burns when they occur so they can determine whether they need to provide more training on some equipment. Employees can also take action to prevent these injuries. It is important for people to make sure they use electrical appliances correctly, and they generally should not work with hot equipment unless they are wearing oven mitts.