What is a Social Security Ticket to Work?

One of the biggest concerns when you receive Social Security disability benefits is how your ability to work may impact your benefits, particularly if your income from disability benefits does not account adequately for your life expenses or other costs you may incur during treatment or rehabilitation. You rely on your benefits to survive, but also need the supplemental income of a job that accommodates for your disability. Are there provisions in the state of Michigan that allow you to work while still receiving Social Security disability?

The answer is the Ticket to Work program, which is run not by the state but by the federal Social Security Administration. Per the SSA.gov website, the Ticket to Work program is a special voluntary, free service offering assistance to beneficiaries who seek to return to work without losing Medicare or Medicaid support. The program offers resources for state-specific help and assistance, including providing information on how much or how little you are allowed to work under the program.

The program is designed to offer financial independence and guide those on disability in re-entering the workforce through sanctioned channels. The program also offers information for employers and service providers who wish to work with employees under the program. The program is also intended to scale into long-term employment, offering many options depending on your state and the available employers within your area.

The information provided in this article is meant to serve as a reference only, and should not be misconstrued as a legal recommendation.