Finding the Best Solution After an Accident

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to do after you are injured at work in Michigan. While you would like to return to your job, you may find that you need help doing so. In this situation, you may want to consider vocational rehabilitation. At Adler Stilman, we understand how important it is to learn how this service can help you.

Vocational rehabilitation is usually available through your work insurance. According to Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, it is a good idea to speak to your employer when you realize that you cannot return to your job without help. Together, you can decide if rehabilitation is the best option. This service can be beneficial for both you and your employer; your employer can better understand how to help you as you recover, and you will likely experience better success with your recovery.

The kind of rehabilitation you receive usually depends on your particular situation. It might be that while you can return to work, you are unable to continue your usual job. In this case, rehabilitation typically helps you gain the skills you need to do a different job at your workplace. Sometimes, though, you may be able to continue your job if your employer makes adjustments to fit your medical requirements.

Because the needs of rehabilitation vary from case to case, it is generally best to keep your employer aware of the situation so you can work together on finding the best solution. For more information on worker injuries, visit our page about your workers’ compensation options.