Social Security Disability Qualifications for Arthritis

When you suffer from arthritis in Michigan, you know that this disease can have a far-reaching impact on your life. You may not realize, though, that if your case of arthritis is particularly severe, it may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. At Adler Stilman, PLLC, we know that sometimes it is difficult to tell whether or not your arthritis meets the requirements.

The Social Security Administration has a detailed list of the qualifications your arthritis must have before you receive benefits. According to theĀ Social Security Disability SSI Resource Center, your disease typically needs to interfere with your fine motor skills. This means that you might experience difficulties working with files or cooking your dinner. Additionally, it must keep you from continuing with your job or seeking a new form of employment. You generally need to demonstrate how arthritis has impacted your life by sending your doctor’s notes, medical records and X-rays to the SSA.

Sometimes arthritis may affect your life in ways which are still potent but do not affect the way you take care of yourself each day. This can include any form of spondyloarthropathy you have experienced, as well as joint deformation. You may also qualify for disability benefits if you have had inflammatory arthritis, and your disease sometimes must be accompanied by a fever or fatigue.

Although you see your arthritis as disabling, you still need to be disabled in the eyes of the SSA to receive Social Security disability benefits. Because it can sometimes be difficult to understand the language on disability forms, you may want to seek assistance when you decide to begin your paperwork. More information about aid for your disease may be found on ourĀ webpage.