Understanding Car Accidents in the Tri-County Area

You may wonder how many car accidents occur in Michigan’s tri-county area each year and how often irresponsible driving was the cause of the crash. The 2016 collision statistics demonstrate that while a driver’s action did not often result in a collision, a high number of accidents occurred. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, know that understanding the accidents which occur in your area can help identify situations which may be hazardous.

According to the Michigan State Police, there was no dangerous action performed by a driver in 273,498 incidents, out of 538,471 total accidents. Hazardous behavior played a part in some crashes, however. Failing to yield resulted in 46,694 collisions, while 77,280 were caused because drivers were unable to stop in time. While you may think that failing to use turn signals would result in a high number of accidents, only 541 collisions were caused by this. Speeding drivers caused 32,052 accidents in 2016.

While the tri-county area experiences thousands of car crashes each year, Wayne County witnessed the most, with 53,164 incidents. Most of these collisions resulted in injuries, while 200 people were killed. In Macomb County, 25,411 accidents occurred, of which 60 were fatal. In Oakland County, 42,660 collisions occurred; while 78 of these crashes were fatal, 8,218 caused injuries to the cars’ occupants.

While many of the accidents which occurred in 2016 were not fatal and involved little reckless behavior, it is still helpful for you to understand the situations which might lead to a collision. Potholes and road congestion may sometimes result in a crash, and inclement weather can sometimes be a factor. For more information about hazards which may cause collisions, visit our webpage.