How Can Workers Try to Prevent Ladder Falls?

Construction accidents take a myriad of forms, whether they involve equipment malfunctions or electrical shock. However, ladders can be especially dangerous for construction workers in Detroit, and all over the state of Michigan. If you have sustained an injury after falling off of a ladder at work, it is important to stand up for your rights as an employee. Moreover, you should try to take steps to prevent this type of accident if your job requires you to work on ladders.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration covers various ways that construction workers can try to avoid falling off of a ladder. For example, workers should make sure that ladders do not have any slippery materials or defects. Workers should use the appropriate ladder for the job and avoid standing on the top step. Ladders should be secure and workers should make sure that the weight limit is never exceeded. Furthermore, workers should only use ladders that have been set up with an appropriate angle and are not dangerously close to electrical hazards and power lines.

Unfortunately, every accident is unique and some ladder falls occur due to someone else’s negligent behavior, through no fault of the injured worker. If you were hurt at work after falling off of a ladder, you should explore all of your options and do what you can to recover from the accident. Sadly, these incidents can upend life in all sorts of ways, from debilitating and painful injuries to lost wages and health care expenses.