Fall Prevention Campaign Started in Michigan

Many types of injury hazards can come up in Michigan workplaces. This includes fall hazards. Workplace falls can be quite serious; they can even take lives. Reportedly, of the workplace fatalities investigated by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) last year, half were due to falls.

Among the things that can help with reducing fall risks in workplaces is employers and employees having the right information on fall prevention. Recently, here in Michigan, a safety campaign was started aimed at helping make such information easily available.

The campaign is being done by MIOSHA and it started last month. It is aimed at providing employers and employees with resources regarding workplace safety issues related to falls and increasing overall awareness of these issues. Included among these resources are materials on state workplace safety standards and training materials. Do you think this campaign and the resources it makes available will help with improving fall-related safety awareness and fall prevention efforts at Michigan workplaces?

Another situation in which having the right information can be crucial for a worker is when they are hurt in a workplace fall. Specifically, it can be important for them to have accurate information on their¬†rights related to workers’ compensation. Given the major repercussions injuries from a workplace fall can have on a worker’s life, workers’ compensation matters can end up being of paramount importance for victims of such accidents. Skilled workers’ comp attorneys can assist Michigan workers who have suffered falls on the job with understanding and fighting for their workers’ comp rights.

Source:¬†Safety+Health, “MIOSHA campaign aims to ‘stop falls, save lives’,” March 1, 2017