A Voice for Victims of Electrical Shock

In the workplace, countless threats are present. For those who work in construction, job sites can be especially dangerous in Detroit, and all over Michigan. At Adler Stilman, we know how devastating these types of injuries can be, whether a worker falls from a high place, is struck by falling debris or becomes injured using dangerous machinery. Moreover, some people are hurt or even pass away due to electrical shock.

When it comes to electrocution, there are many things to keep in mind. Sometimes, workers are electrocuted because of standing water, while others may suffer from electrical shock because the equipment they were using was not functioning properly. Depending on the severity of the electrocution, a number of consequences may upend the lives of victims, as well as their family members. For example, they may suffer a debilitating injury that causes a great deal of physical pain. Or, they may have difficulty paying medical expenses or be experiencing financial hardships due to their inability to keep working.

In some cases, electrical shock results in the loss of life, which can be especially hard for family members of workers who pass away. Not only do they have severe emotional hurt, but they may have financial troubles as well. Depending on the details of the accident, a worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which could turn their life around after an injury.

If you visit our workers’ compensation page, you can access more information which is related to workplace accidents such as electrocution and other difficulties that injured workers may encounter.