How Many People Die in Work Zone Crashes?

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions and on-the-job accidents, there are many angles to consider. In Detroit, and cities across the state of Michigan, some workers lose their lives in these crashes, while others are left with injuries that permanently alter the course of their lives. Sadly, work zones are especially dangerous, and it is important for employers, workers and the families of those who are employed in this occupation to understand just how deadly these accidents can be.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there was an increase in the number of work zone deaths during 2014 in comparison to previous years. During 2014, 669 people passed away in a work zone crash, compared to 590 fatalities throughout 2011 and 579 over the course of 2013. In fact, work zone fatalities accounted for two percent of all traffic fatalities across the U.S. during 2014.

As with any motor vehicle accident, various factors may contribute to a crash. For example, a driver may get behind the wheel after drinking or fail to pay attention to the road because of distractions in the car. Those who find themselves in work zones on a daily basis face an especially high risk of suffering an injury or even losing their life at work, which is why all drivers have a responsibility to be vigilant while in work zones. For those whose lives have been thrown off course following a work zone crash, and for families who are struggling with the aftermath of an accident, examining all helpful resources and paths forward is pivotal.