Understanding Workplace PTSD

When you think about post-traumatic stress disorder, you may initially associate this condition with high-stress occupations, such as the military. However, you may develop PTSD at your Michigan workplace. At Adler Stilman, PLLC, we understand that this condition can have a far-reaching impact on your life.

PTSD can affect people in a wide range of occupations. According to the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America, you might incur this condition if a traumatic event has occurred at work. Workplace trauma does not guarantee that you will experience PTSD. Your proximity to the accident, the support offered and your reaction determine whether or not you develop symptoms. If you have a close working relationship with the people who were injured in the incident, you may be more likely to develop PTSD.

The traumatic events which trigger PTSD can include sudden accidents, assaults and even some natural disasters. You may experience symptoms such as guilt or flashbacks in the weeks after the incident has occurred but sometimes it may take several months for symptoms to materialize.

Although you may think that everyone encounters the same PTSD symptoms, this is not the case. You may experience this condition in a way which is vastly different from the way a co-worker experiences it. While you may have anxiety and stress, you might also be unable to work if you have a serious case of PTSD. The symptoms can sometimes last long after the event which triggered them, making this condition one you may sometimes struggle with for years. More information about this subject may be found on our web page.