Hematological Disorders and Disability Benefits

You know that when your child has a hematological disorder, your life can quickly become complicated. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, understand that this disorder can affect your child’s life in profound ways and that it is important for you to know when your child can receive Social Security disability.

There are certain requirements your child’s hematological disorder must meet in order to qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration says that you usually need to submit test results that demonstrate your child has a disorder. You may not always be able to show test results to the SSA and in these circumstances, you typically need a statement from your doctor that explains how your child was diagnosed. 

When you apply for disability benefits for your child’s hematological disorder, it is important to know the kinds of disorders the SSA evaluates. The SSA usually looks at hematological disorders that are both cancerous and noncancerous. These include leukemia, bone marrow failure and hemolytic anemia. Sometimes your child’s disorder may not meet all of the qualifications for Social Security disability. In this situation, the SSA typically tries to discern if your child has another disorder which does meet the requirements and how the hematological disorder affects the rest of your child’s health. 

A hematological disorder has the ability to affect vast areas of your life, such as your time and finances. In some cases, disability benefits may be able to help your family cope with these extra expenses. More information about this subject can be found on our webpage.