Documentation for Social Security Disability

When Michigan residents apply for Social Security Disability, they do not always think about the documentation needed to receive these benefits. While some people may find it easy to provide these documents, other people may have more difficulty with this part of the application.

There are several documents people may need to provide when they apply for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration says that it is important to proceed with the application process even if some documentation is missing. This is because people may not have access to all the benefits available to them if they wait. The SSA typically suggests that people send in their current documentation and send other documents when they are available. People usually need to submit their birth certificate and Social Security card. Military service papers may also be necessary if the applicant served in the military.

Sometimes providing this documentation can be difficult. According to Bridge Magazine, of all adults in the U.S. who earn less than $25,000, 12 percent do not have a photo ID and 13 percent of African Americans also lack this identification.  While having a photo ID may seem unimportant, people usually need this if they wish to receive government benefits such as Social Security Disability.

Michigan residents can obtain a photo ID when they present their passport or birth certificate to the relevant authorities, and usually must also provide marriage or school records to confirm their identity. They also typically need a Social Security card. Additionally, people require a document such as a utility bill to demonstrate that they live in Michigan.